Leeuwerik Goldmund grünbauer

Actor and Model

''My goal with my work is to make people smile and make them happy, help people with their struggles and suffering and inspire them to do what they truly love!''

Welcome to the website of Leeuwerik Grünbauer. Here you'll find the portfolio of his actor and model career. You are able to make easy contact with Leeuwerik Grünbauer via Contact.

- Spotlight -

Leeuwerik Grünbauer has been accepted for the Film Actor College, De Trap in Amsterdam!

20 Jun 2020

artistic shoot with Sonja de ridder

Sonja de Ridder is known for her artistic style! Sonja's models will be posed behind a big glass that Sonja paints on. Leeuwerik and Sonja recreated the well known painting from Caravaggio and from there went on and explored other compositions.

Shoot with Jeffrey Sales in Paris

During a quick visit at Le Casting Parisien, in Paris for castings at multiple agencies;

Leeuwerik had a shoot with Jeffrey Sales.

a second Naked shoot with Jaap de jonge

Jaap and Leeuwerik did their second shoot. Very experimental, interesting and innovative compared to the previous shoot.

Photographer: Jaap de Jonge Photography

2 July 2020 | Assen - The Netherlands

Le casting parisien

Photoshoot with Le Casting Parisien from Paris!

These portraits, along with many other photo and video material, will be sent to varies model agencies in Paris!

Leeuwerik Grünbauer's CV is now accessible on his website!

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