About Leeuwerik Grünbauer

"I love acting, making fantasies and incredible ideas come true together with the cast and film crew on the big screen!"

Leeuwerik Grünbauer was never afraid of the podium! As a young kid he started performing in front of his class as Michael Jackson, later as a teenager he was always on stage performing with others or alone making the crowd laugh or intrigued with his acts, which he made by himself or either made with friends!

His first act on stage was in 2016 in Theater de Speeldoos in Baarn, the Netherlands. After doing two to three shows and being an assistent mentor in acting he wanted to try acting in front of a camera.

He played in a fashion art-house short movie and followed a masterclass in acting in front of a camera. Leeuwerik played as one of the main characters in short movie Palaver. Played as the main character in Zandpeer and did his part in the Domino's TV-commercial.

Leeuwerik is, besides acting, also passionate about modeling! He did shoots with Ivar Elstrodt, Levi Ronowidjojo, Koos Kostwinder, Jeffrey Sales and Jaap de Jonge.

After a shoot with Le Casting Parisien, a model casting agency from Paris, has Leeuwerik a mother agency, Jaam management.

On June the 20th has Leeuwerik Grünbauer been accepted for the Film Actor College, De Trap in Amsterdam!

Read more and see the photo's of the shoot with Le Casting Parisien:

More about his life..

After high school Leeuwerik started to practice Ving Tsun, of the Wong Shun Leung linage, a Chinese martial arts. Leeuwerik followed a seminar of the grandmaster Philipp Bayer in Dec 2018. He stopped practicing in 2020 due to other priorities. Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Wong Shun Leung, Philipp Bayer are still a big inspiration to him!

On the 28th of Jan 2019 Leeuwerik made together with photographer and film director Levi Ronowidjojo a showcase of this Chinese Martial Arts, Ving Tsun.

Model work and Ving Tsun Short Film - with Levi Ronowidjojo

Leeuwerik Grünbauer has a lot of experience with boxing which was his main sport and focus in the end of his high school period (2014 - 2017). After two years of training he often jumped in as an assistant boxing mentor and helped his boxing mentor with the lessons. In the end of 2017 Leeuwerik was many times the mentor and took over the class when his mentor was sick or wasn't able to give lessons (which was often the case).

From 2013 to 2014 Leeuwerik followed the sociocracy course. Which is about the most efficient way of meeting. Least chaotic, most effective, learns how you form your own opinion and can substantiate it with arguments. Leeuwerik Grünbauer graduated in 2014.

Dreaming into the future...

''Life is spontaneous and I love to listen to what life gives me, but aside from that I do have dreams, goals and visions. I like to picture myself acting in the movies that will give people some thought to live on, that give people energy to go further with their lives! I like philosophical movies, mind bending and twisting movies, movies that give a thoughtful insight about life itself.

Titles like: 'The Matrix', 'Inception', 'Shutter Island', 'Cloud Atlas', 'Mr. Nobody', 'Fight Club', 'Amélie', 'Meet Joe Black', 'Donnie Darko'... and a whole lot more!

Getting the most out of the potential of a movie, giving people insight to move forward without looking back with regret!"

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Shoot in Paris| Photographer: Jeffrey Sales

27 Jun 2019