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Leeuwerik Grünbauer has been accepted for the Film Actor College, De Trap in Amsterdam!

20 Jun 2020

artistic shoot with Sonja de ridder

Sonja de Ridder is known for her artistic style! Sonja's models will be posed behind a big glass that Sonja paints on. Leeuwerik and Sonja recreated the well known painting from Caravaggio and from there went on and explored other compositions.

Photographer: Sonja de Ridder

14 April 2021 | Gieterveen - The Netherlands

A Second naked shoot with jaap de jonge

Jaap and Leeuwerik did their second shoot. Very experimental, interesting and innovative compared to the previous shoot.

Photographer: Jaap de Jonge Photography

2 July 2020 | Assen - The Netherlands

Shoot with Jeffrey Sales in Paris

During a quick visit at Le Casting Parisien, in Paris for castings at multiple agencies; Leeuwerik had a shoot with Jeffrey Sales.

Photographer: Jeffrey Sales

Casting Director: Anande Cross

27 Jun 2019 | Paris - France

Naked Shoot

A true experience!

This was Leeuwerik's first naked shoot. Jaap de Jonge and Leeuwerik were looking for the right moments to take the right shot. They tried to bring the fragility of a boy, of a human being to the front; but during the shoot much more happened and many more emotions and impressions emerged from the photos! A true experience of the art of photography!

Photographer: Jaap de Jonge Photography

1 May 2019 | Assen - The Netherlands

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Le Casting parisien

Leeuwerik Grünbauer has a mother Agency now, Jaam Management in Paris. This is his shoot with Le Casting Parisien, which is a casting agency also in Paris.

Photographer: Jeffrey Sales

Casting Director: Anande Cross

23 Mar 2019 | Eindhoven - The Netherlands

zandpeer - Art house Short movie

Pierre is a teenager played by Leeuwerik Grünbauer. There is a lot of miscommunication between Pierre and his parents, this leads to a big emotional conflict. During the film he is planning to move out. The film is a combination between the real world and Pierre's vision of the situation.

Directors: Esmay Grootkamp and Stephanie Nypels

Language: Dutch

Aug 2018 - Jun 2019 | Enschede - The Netherlands

The premiere took place in Concordia, Enschede on the 12th of juli 2019.

Model Work and Ving Tsun Short Film

Model work and Ving Tsun choreography for contemporary short film showcasing fascinating elements of this Chinese Martial Art. Performed by Leeuwerik Grünbauer and directed by Levi Ronowidjojo.

Photographer: Levi Ronowidjojo (Insta: @levirogier)

28 Jan 2019 | Driebergen - The Netherlands

Leeuwerik grünbauer appears in the domino's tv-commercial

Leeuwerik works at Domino's Driebergen as a supervisor and was asked to play his part in the Domino's TV-commercial.

This commercial is on TV, YouTube-, Facebook, Instagram-adds and the screens of every Domino's store of the Netherlands.

6 Dec 2018 | Vianen - The Netherlands

Model work - watches

Three watches, one city, one photographer, one model...

Leeuwerik has done model work for Ivar Elstrodt, the photographer who wanted to do some experimenting with photographing watches.

Photographer: Ivar Elstrodt

17 Oct 2018 | Amersfoort - The Netherlands

one whole day live acting in exposition of Kim van veelen

Kim van Veelen is an artist who makes various kinds of art including many paintings and sculptures. He also wrote a book which was the center of this exposition. Leeuwerik and Kim himself took both a role and presented the creations of Kim in this role to the customers!

Artist of exposition: Kim van Veelen

Language: Dutch

9 Sep 2018 | Maarsseveen - The Netherlands

Model work Apeldoorn

Model shoot with photographer Ivar Elstrodt in Apeldoorn.

Photographer: Ivar Elstrodt

28 Sep 2018 | Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

short movie - Palaver

Leeuwerik played one of the main characters in Palaver. About the movie: ''The film gives a special insight into the ordinary village life of a Brabant neighborhood with all its characteristic and contrasting residents.'' - Sam Heijblom and David Vanek

The premiere took place on january the 24th 2018 in the cultural Center ‘De Boodschap’ in Rijen, The Netherlands.

Directors: Sam Heijblom and David Vanek

Language: Dutch

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018 | Brabant - The Netherlands

THEATER Show of Kim van veelen

With the use of sound, light, extraneous decor and scary masks artist Kim van Veelen made a rather scary theater show in Theater ZIMIHC in Utrecht, The Netherlands!

Leeuwerik Grünbauer played an important role as one of the scary figures in this play.

Director and Artist: Kim van Veelen

22 April 2017 | Utrecht - The Netherlands

short fashion art house movie - Albert's memorial day

Leeuwerik who recently began doing some model work played his part in Albert's Memorial Day, a fashion art house movie of students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The movie is about the memorial day of a poodle dog.

Directors: Karen de Jong and Ines Lopes

Language: English

end 2016 - Feb 2017 | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Musical christmas play

Leeuwerik played Scrooge during a instrumental/singing show including orchestras! He had his part between the music acts.

Director: Marc van Driel of Theater de Speeldoos and Arthur Malcorps of the Muziekschool Baarn

Photography credentials: Eelco Sok Fotografie

Language: Dutch

17 Dec 2016 | Baarn - The Netherlands

three day THEATER

Leeuwerik was an assistant mentor and taught kids the basics of acting. At the end of these three days Leeuwerik performed as a ghost in the final show!

Director: Marc van Driel

Language: Dutch

16 - 18 Aug 2016 | Baarn - The Netherlands